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General Rules

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1 General Rules on Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:01 am


Coder Chipmunk
New World RPG's Rules & Regulations


Harassment, trolling or otherwise annoying a user in order to enjoy their suffering is forbidden. If you think that your actions might make the other user angry, scared, sad, etc. then please try to stop. Of course, trying to play yourself as a victim or attempt to provoke trolling will not be acceptable.

  • Moderators will have full discretion on what is harassment.

TL;DR; Try to be nice.


All publicly accessible locations are PG-13 rated. Meaning that occasional fucks and shits are fine, but, "F**k. I just f***** this avatar f***** up. Now I have to f***** over.", for example, is not acceptable. However, drug and sex references are disallowed. 

TL;DR Try to fly below the radar.

Avatars & Signatures

Avatars and signatures are restricted by the Language and Harassment sections. 

TL;DR Try to not be stupid.


If you do not agree with how a moderator handled your case, then contact an administrator. FYI, whining about it to other people in public locations will just make it worse. 

TL;DR Try to handle things calmly.

All staff positions are invite-only, unless otherwise specified. 


If you wish to role-play, message an administrator.

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