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Status Update!

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1 Status Update! on Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:30 am


Regarding New World RPG

I'll get right to it. We've taken some unexpected turns with the development of the game which led to there being minimum information released. The reason behind my absence is that I had to move from Chicago to Carbondale, Illinois and stay there an extra 3 weeks when I was supposed to have just taken a one week trip. I'll be living in Carbondale for a while so until I have solid access to a computer updates will be slow from me. (That's not to say we haven't let you with anything. Razz) I have invited my friend, Catles, to provide assistance with coding to Alvin while I'm fighting this battle. With that being said, I want to thank all of the testers for being patient with us. Now let's get down to some questions.

Question: What type of game will New World be?

  • New World (RPG) will be a text-based game inspired by One Piece. It won't be strictly limited to text-based but that's the core aspect..for now.  pirat

Question: What races will be available?

  • Only the human race is available at the moment but there are plans to add a lot of the races into the game.

Question: What factions will be available?

  • Civilians, Marines, Pirates, and Revolutionaries are planned. This isn't concrete.

Question: Will Devil Fruits be in the game?

  • Yes.

Question: When will the game actually reach beta?

  • There is no estimate on the beta & release dates. More details will be posted, just keep checking the forum. 

For Those Curious:

If you have any questions, inbox Alvin or I for them to be included above. This post will be edited a lot so don't think this is just us posting one time and abandoning you. lolol

We're in need of content suggestions for items, weapons, AIs/NPCs, and the like. 
If you're interested, inbox Alvin here or at World Of Bleach RPG.

By the way: The domain ( for the game will be up soon.

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